‘It’s time to move on’

Published 1:52 pm Thursday, May 12, 2016

After reading all the stories in recent weeks lamenting the closing of the Longwood Golf Course, it is somewhat of a mixed blessing to read that the decision is final.

It’s time to move on.

I really couldn’t grasp from the outset why closing the Longwood course became such a huge controversy. We can certainly appreciate the genuine nostalgia that arises when we lose an old friend.

Such is the case with the Longwood course.

But, for those who feel disenfranchised, there is a brighter tomorrow, despite the gloom and doom that seems to prevail.

The college clearly has a greater calling, a more important mission than providing a community golf course. Also, when the revenue from golf covers only one-third of the cost of operating and maintaining the course, it became necessary to find a more cost-effective alternative.

On balance, it was an appropriate decision.

Perhaps now would be a good time for all those suffering duffers who feel betrayed to take off the blinders, safely tuck away their nostalgia, and recognize that they have a terrific alternative on which to ply their golfing talents — the Farmville Municipal Golf Course.

The course at the airport is only five or six miles from town, not on the other side of the world. It has all the amenities needed to meet the needs and comforts of the area’s golfing public.

It is a facility to be proud of. In addition to the course, there is a modern, comfortable clubhouse, a banquet room for upwards of 300 people, a terrific swimming pool and a friendly, hardworking staff that takes pride in serving all its guests.

Mulligans and gimmies are part of our language. We would welcome any and all senior golfers who are looking for a new course to challenge. 

Rich Jones is retired and lives in Buckingham County. His email address is putting2win@yahoo.com.