In support of the pipeline

Published 1:17 pm Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I wish to go on record to state that I am in favor of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

While the pipeline does not run through my property, I have two pipelines that do run through my property. They are operated by Colonial Pipeline Co. and transport various kinds of fuel.

The lines are underground and I hardly know they are there. I use the land over the lines for pasture and hay land. If I were not using the land for hay and pasture, the land would make wonderful wildlife patches.

I get some personal satisfaction in knowing I am helping my neighbor get fuel for his car, his airplane and heat for his house and all the other various things liquid fuel is used for.

I have difficulty understanding why there is such strong opposition to the surveying for the pipeline.

When you give permission to survey for the pipeline, all you do is give permission for the surveyors to be on your property.

At this stage, you are not giving them permission to build the pipeline. Surveyors may cut a few bushes in order to sight their instruments, but they don’t do any damage to the property.

Ernest H. Bowling