A tribute to his mother — a path to follow

Published 4:58 am Thursday, May 5, 2016

This Mother’s Day Sunday, I dedicate this message to my mother who is now with the Lord.  She was the one who God used to direct me to Him.

My dad worked seven days a week to provide for our family, so my mother assumed the spiritual leadership for her four children. She made sure we were in church on Sundays for Sunday school, morning and evening services and also Wednesday night services.

I learned to pray by listening to mom when she led us in prayer at family devotions and at bedtime. She taught us to read by using the Bible. Watching my mother read and study God’s word with faithfulness gave me my appreciation of the Bible.

The scriptures were more than words on paper, it was her source of life.

My mother’s obedience to her Heavenly Father has been my example to be the same with my Lord. Observing her overcome temptations, struggles and opposition to her faith has shown me where to go in my times of need.

Mama taught me to give regularly to the Lord. Each year she would request a box of church offering envelopes. 

Every Sunday she helped me to count out the tithe from the money I earned from my paper route, grass cutting and shoveling snow.

I learned appreciation and gratitude by watching her give to needy families. It was her perseverance in her walk with the Lord that has encouraged me to be faithful in my calling to the ministry.

My mother was my biggest support and regularly sent cards of encouragement and prayed for me daily. Her eyes would shine with pride as she sat in the congregation listening to me preach. Mom’s depth of spiritually made her someone I could draw from in my thirst for the Lord.

She understood when I shared my spiritual victories and failures. Her walk with the Lord has marked the path for me to follow.

To me, my mother was as perfect as anyone could be. I will always be thankful to God for the mother He gave me.

STEVE CONWELL, pastor of Maranatha Baptist Church, is heard mornings on WFLO and WVHL in “A Thought For Today.” His email address is SteveConwell@outlook.com.