Town reminds residents of grass ordinance

Published 12:40 pm Tuesday, April 26, 2016

FARMVILLE — The Town of Farmville is reminding residents of an ordinance that stipulates property owners must keep their grass under 10 inches in length.

“Spring is great for making all of our trees and lawns turn green again. It is also responsible for making the grass grow fast,” the town said in a press release.

“Property owners who do not keep their property cut and regularly maintained will be subject to civil fines. This is in addition to any costs incurred by the town to have your property cut.”

The town encourages out-of-town property owners to make sure they have someone “responsible for regularly mowing and maintaining your property.”

“Citizens and businesses are reminded not to blow grass onto the sidewalk and street. All grass clippings must be swept off and away from the sidewalks and streets,” the release stated.

For more information, call the town property inspector’s office at (434) 392-8465.