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Cath lab will have a long-lasting impact

Come April 18, Centra Southside Community Hospital will officially open its new catheterization lab — something that the community has been eagerly anticipating for weeks now.

The cath lab will aid the community in a powerful way, as it will be used for minimally invasive techniques that can diagnose cardiovascular disease and treat it.

This is not only something that our community badly needs, but it is something that we will appreciate for years to come, because the lab will not be used just for planned procedures but during emergencies too, such as heart attacks.

That’s not all the cath lab will do. It will also provide convenience for our community.

When one is ill, going to the hospital is a huge. You have to prepare to be gone for a while. You might expect that whatever procedure you may be getting done could result in a hurt or broken body.

You dread the recovery time, the costs associated with your visit and — especially — how far you have to travel for the closest cath lab.

Not anymore, though. The cath lab will be the only one around for 50 miles. This will create a more convenient route for those who would have had to travel to Lynchburg or Richmond for issues they face with cardiovascular disease and procedures.

What a relief to know that our local hospital will be offering this convenient and much- needed help.

So, we say with great respect, thank you to Centra.

You have not only provided quality care to our community for many years, but you continue to strive to bring our area more convenience.