Bike lanes will help our community

Published 11:42 am Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Longwood University has a new master plan which details strategies for how it plans to grow and support a 6,000-student campus by 2025.

Included in this document is a plan that will lead Longwood to develop a pedestrian campus with designated bike lanes on the horizon — both across campus and the town.

The school has the Town of Farmville backing it in its plans to develop the bike lanes.

Town Manager Gerald Spates agrees with Longwood on the idea of creating designated bike lanes along Main Street and streets where bike traffic could see significant increases.

Spates said that both Farmville and Longwood police departments will be working together to create bike safety programs and to ensure motorists would come to share the road with bikers.

We think that the idea of bike lanes in town and the teamwork between the Town of Farmville and Longwood is wonderful and is a step in the right direction.

Bike riding is not only good for exercise, but it also helps the town decrease pollution from automobiles, as many could begin riding their bike to work and around town instead of using an automobile.

It could also decongest some of Farmville’s main thoroughfares during rush hour. 

This energy-efficient solution could leave Farmville with more parking and a reduction in road wear and tear as well.

We applaud the efforts of Longwood and the town to see these bicycle lanes come to fruition, and we hope to see both continue to create solutions to enhance our community.