‘Southside malaise’ lives on

Published 12:24 pm Thursday, March 3, 2016


Your editorial (“Our take on the pipeline,” Friday, Feb. 28) gave your “take” on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP). 

It was such a conditioned assessment of the issue that most of your readers could quickly recognize that it was another product of the Southside malaise. Factual enough, but with so many contradictions that some would only wonder why you bothered. 

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The ACP is sort of good, but the damage and destruction that the project promises is just excessive. Yes, most of the damage was caused by Dominion and the all-too-compliant governance of Buckingham County. 

The mere suggestion that there would be jobs for the area was enough to have our elected representatives scrambling for their rubber stamps. At least The Herald was thoughtful enough not to recast Maurice Jones’ recitation of Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s deceit about its true impact.  The ACP has already left deep and lasting damage on the fabric of life in Buckingham. Families, their farms and meager fortunes are so easily sacrificed to give the impression of some gain. Will the 10-12 jobs generated by the pipeline balance the damage to those living in its path? 

A cruel and barbaric sacrifice that events will prove unjustified. The real question that The Herald does not allow to even mention is what kind of a community would do this to their neighbors?

The pipeline has shattered the façade of a caring community. The Southside malaise just smothers reality and any decent prospect for the future. 

Quinn Robinson