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Paloma Alatorre Junior | Longwood University | Women’s Tennis Team

MY START: I ran track and played soccer and tennis starting when I was 7 years old. When I was 12, my parents made me decide on one of the three. I choose tennis and started playing every day.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT MY SPORT: I’m a person who likes a challenge. I love that tennis is very mental — you play against someone, but you’re basically playing against yourself — it’s all you. You set your goals, and you’re the only one who can accomplish them.

THOUGHTS ON WINNING: Tennis is a sport where you move a lot and it’s also mentally challenging. You have to be focused all the time. It’s a good feeling to win, especially playing a C1 sport. When I win my college matches it feels very good —makes me want to improve more.

HOBBIES: I actually love writing and want to be a reporter or journalist one day. I also love to travel.

AFTER GRADUATION: I want to be a Graduate Assistant (GA) for a university and get my master’s degree — not sure where, but that’s the plan. Eventually I would love to move to Florida or Texas to do something in sports journalism.