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Hunting with dogs has gone unchecked


I appreciate the “tradition” but feel dog hunting has gone unchecked for so long that it’s completely out of hand (“The time is now to end deer hunting with dogs,” March 4).

There are so many hunting hounds at Southside SPCA and all of the local county pounds. I, myself, have a hound that was dumped literally starving, dehydrated and so weak he couldn’t walk. The vet said he also had multiple healed fractures. He is scared of quick movements and anything resembling a stick such as brooms, umbrellas, etc. Clearly, he’s been abused.

Sadly, I see many like him roaming and lost after hunting season. I don’t know the answer, but if nothing is done, it’s only going to become a worse burden for the dogs, citizens, dog wardens and shelters.

Brooke Cook