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At Cumberland High School: setting down roots

By Cheyenne Johnson

A fun fact about redwood trees is that their root system is based off of intertwining with other redwood trees to support one another. Cumberland County High School is much like this.

Many students have the luxury of remaining at their original school. To remain where their roots have been grounded, and where they blossomed in their community. I, on the other hand, was lifted and planted in a new environment.

My first day at Cumberland County High School consisted of me in my father’s car pleading he change his mind and let me just finish my high school career by participating in home school. Of course, this plea was ignored with, “You’ll make plenty of new friends.” Walking through the double doors felt like my first day of kindergarten; standing timidly next to my father at age 16 rather than 6 is the only difference in this case.

However, small-town Cumberland County High School welcomed me with the open arms and warm smiles that make new students feel more comfortable in an abstract environment.

My favorite class was creative writing. This class truly brought me out of my shell. Not only did it inspire my writing;  it also motivated me to find my new home — theatre, thus causing my new interest in forensics, nursing and now indoor track.

All of these activities showed me the student body in miraculous ways. There are so many personalities and talents in this school that are appreciated, never shunned. I am a proud Cumberland senior whose roots will always hold onto their memories made with our great Duke family.

CHEYENNE JOHNSON is a senior at Cumberland County High School.