Prince Edward Sheriff’s Office Activity Report

Published 3:13 pm Thursday, February 4, 2016

Total calls received: 113

Calls handled by dispatch: 36

Civil papers served: 172

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Criminal papers served: 14

Transport of mental patients and prisoners: 8

Traffic Stops: 6

January 25

• Fire alarm on Piney Grove Road.

• Rescue call on Parc Crest.

• Livestock in road on Dungee Road.

• Disabled vehicle on Green Bay Road.

• Accident on County Line Road.

• Residential burglar alarm on Watson Boulevard.

• Writ of Possession on Watson Boulevard.

• Writ of Possession on Callaway Lane.

• Unoccupied vehicle on Prince Edward Highway.

• Requesting assistance on Booker Court.

• Scam on Allen Farm Road.

• Rescue call on Back Hampden Sydney Road.

• Vehicle on fire on Patrick Henry Highway.

• Suspicious vehicle on Green Bay Road.

• Rescue call on Oliver Road.

• Rescue call on Forrest Drive.

• Suspicious incident on Tuggle Road.

• Rescue call on Spur Drive.

• Suspicious vehicle on Moran Road.

• Nine-one-one hang up on Poorhouse Road.

• Verbal dispute on Eggleston Court.

January 26

• Transport to Spur Drive.

• Juvenile transport to Bon Air.

• Rescue call on Pin Oak Road.

• Disabled vehicle on Patrick Henry Highway.

• Civil matter on West Third Street.

• Nine-one-one hang up on Green Bay Road.

• Breaking and entering on Getaway Lane.

• Problem with subject on Mountain Creek Road.

• Bad check at Duffeys.

• Suspicious subjects on Prince Edward Highway.

• Animal carcass on highway on Back Hampden Sydney Road.

• Rescue call on Scruggs Drive.

• Suspicious incident on Darlington Heights Road.

• Commercial burglar alarm on Commerce Road.

• Vehicle traveling in wrong direction on Elam Road.

January 27

• Disabled vehicle on Green Bay Road.

• Juvenile transports to Piedmont Detention Center.

• Rescue call on Scruggs Drive.

• Juvenile transport to Bon Air Detention Center.

• Rescue call on Green Bay Road.

• Warrant service at the office.

• Commercial burglar alarm on Green Bay Road.

• Welfare check on Sam Stiff Road.

• Assault on High Rock Road.

• Accident on Sandy River Road.

• Rescue call on Trinity Missions.

• Vehicle repossession on Seven Eleven Road.

• Deer carcass at Crossroads.

January 28

• Writ of Possession on Old Oak Road.

• Transport to Western Virginia Regional.

• Controlled burn on Heights School Road.

• Rescue call on Rattlers Branch Road.

• Stolen property on Farmville Road.

• Accident on Thomas Jefferson Highway.

• Welfare check on Tuggle Road.

• Civil matter on Bowen Court.

• Rescue call on Peaks Road.

• Rescue call on Corner Road.

• Civil matter on Hatton Lane.

• Rescue mall on Dodd Street.

• Missing adult on Pamplin Road.

• Suspicious vehicle on Farmville Road.

• Verbal dispute on Five Forks Road.

• Transport to Salem.

January 29

• Stolen property on Hampden Hollow Lane.

• Rescue call on Prince Edward Highway.

• Welfare check on Campbell Crossing Road.

• Assistance needed on Ridge Drive.

• Sexual abuse of child still under investigation.

• Rescue call on Parc Crest.

• Verbal dispute on Vista Drive.

• Assault on Farmville Road.

January 30

• Funeral traffic on Meherrin Road.

• Assistance needed on Meherrin Road.

• Medical call on Douglas Church Road.

• Shots fired on Meherrin Road.

• Disabled vehicle on Abilene Road.

• Lost items on Peaks Road.

• Loud noise on Gates Bass Road.

January 31

• Requesting assistance on McLendon Drive.

• Vehicle traveling in wrong direction on Prince Edward Highway.

• Warrant service on Farmville Road.

• Assistance needed at the office.

• Rescue call on Scruggs Drive.

• Panic alarm on Farmville Road.

• Rescue call on Cooks Road.

• Rescue call on Grape Lawn Road.

• Problem with subject on Green Bay Road.

• Accident on Indian Springs Road.

• Suspicious incident on Pin Oak Road.

• Vehicle repossession on Prince Edward Highway.