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Thank you

Other than most of us not being able to leave our driveways for a day or two during Winter Storm Jonas, the 10 inches of snow we received didn’t directly affect us in any other negative way.

Our convenience and ease is due to many factors, but the main one is the human element involved before, during and after the storm.

The men and women who prepared, worked through the storm and toiled after the storm deserve our recognition.

VDOT and town and county crews that plowed roads, streets and sidewalks deserve special recognition for allowing us to travel shortly after the storm and during for the brave.

Longwood and Hampden-Sydney’s men and women working to clear sidewalks and parking lots toiled to see that students and staff had safe thoroughfares.

Utility workers were able to effectively prep their respective cooperatives and systems to better sustain the wind, ice and snow.

Volunteer rescue squad crews, fire departments, police officers, dispatchers and other emergency responders worked through the storm to get help to those who needed it most.

For their good work, we say thank you.

We also acknowledge and commend the good Samaritans — those who, through the kindness of your hearts, extended a helping hand to those who were without help when their cars were stuck, without a snow shovel and without the strength to move the snow and ice.

The kindness, willingness to serve others, strong work ethic for public service and the commitment to safety and security of these good men and women make the Heart of Virginia beat stronger.