Cumberland Arrest Report

Published 11:08 am Thursday, December 10, 2015

November 30

• Jessica Lynn Reaser (26) of Arvonia, charged with driving under the influence.

• David Harris Gills (27), charged with contempt of court.

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December 1

• Elaine Jessup Whitley (57) of Cartersville, charged with public swearing or intoxication.

December 2

• Jeremy Stagg (29) of Cumberland, charged with destruction of property-monument-value, less than $1,000 and malicious wounding.

December 3

• Paige Nicole Flippen (23) of Farmville, charged with six counts of forging-uttering.

December 4

• John Douglas Thompson (41) of Farmville, charged with perjury, seven counts of forging-uttering and contempt of court.

• Paige Nicole Flippen (23) of Farmville charged with contempt of court.