Column captured Farmville

Published 5:13 pm Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Thank you for Steve Stewart’s column on Nov. 20 (“Unmistakable progress”).

As a recent arrival, he has caught the essence of the Farmville area. Hate-generated tension is not part of us.

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I was the “mildly irritated white motorist” bailed out by a sweet black lady with an extra quarter.

To this lady I say the following: You are indeed a sweetheart!

I must confess to you that I didn’t put the quarter you gave in the meter. I took it home, drilled a hole in it and put it on my keyring. It reminds me of your act of kindness toward me and I will pay it forward.

Also, to all involved in the inaugural community tree, thanks! Great event!

Southard Brumfield