Choices over chances

Published 11:43 am Wednesday, December 23, 2015

After 17 years of living in the world and living in many different situations, something has drawn me to pen down these words of wisdom.

The mighty hand after a close observation will make one notice that not all the five fingers are equal in length, size and space intervals. The sense in this is that we all no matter our belief, race or stature have a purpose.

The space intervals stands or the chances that come our way in life. Critically look at your hand and you’ll notice that the space interval between the thumb and the index finger is the widest yet still the thumb is the shortest of all the five fingers. This symbolizes that the chances that come our way don’t necessarily guarantee us a successful future.

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You also notice that each of the fingers have two line segments dividing each finger into three parts. This again tells us that some things will come your way but the big question is what do we make of it. One of the chances that run across each man is life. Where it came from isn’t the big question, but what you make of it is.

A typical example of this ideology of this is my life. As a young boy growing in a third-world country, I grew up not having so many things that could make life easier for me in this world of modern technology and well-established social amenities. The decision of my parents to educate me has made me who I am today.

I grew up learning most nights with a torch or most times a candle because I didn’t have constant electricity at home. The choice I made to study at night with a candle is what has helped determine who I am today. Those circumstances I went through were not meant to shut out my dreams but rather brightened the future for me.

From a home where I knew could not provide me with the chance to study abroad I embraced myself with books. To cut a long story short, I was fortunate to be selected as one of the 20 students among 3,000 applicants for this adventure.

Don’t allow time, race, background and religion make you not take the right choices out of the chances you get.

Asiedu is an exchange student from Ghana and attends Fuqua School through ASSE. He can be contacted by emailing