Writer responds to students

Published 3:26 pm Thursday, November 19, 2015


For those who felt that my letter on common sense and respect (“Preach respect and common sense” (Oct. 16) lacked respect, let’s tear the letter apart. 

It says Longwood students should be commended. I guess that one slipped by those students who decided that the letter was a criticism of their efforts.

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It also says that police are not the enemy. I can’t find a thing wrong with that statement.

It further remarks that we live in a dangerous time and environment. So maybe thinking it over, common sense might be the prescription for saving a life rather than having one wasted.

It concludes with respect is required on all sides. Perhaps reading these words again with an earnest attempt to clearly understand what they mean may be the recipe for further understanding, and even possibly some respect.

There is a Golden Rule — apparently overlooked these days. It says that one does onto another what one would have that other do to him or her.

Now for those Longwood students who may not understand what that means, it does not mean that I give respect to only those who give it to me first. It means that I should show respect to those others because I would like to have them show it to me — regardless if I get it or not.

Pete Kapuscinski