Support FACES

Published 3:27 pm Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hunger for food is a feeling that we’ve all experienced. For most of us, though, it’s one we can suppress pretty quickly by pulling out our debit card and stopping at a restaurant or reaching for a box of cereal to quickly prepare a meal for us and our family.

There are adults and children, though, who live daily with prolonged feelings of hunger and don’t have a box full of food or a card full of money to reach for.

Actually, about 19 percent, or 4,200, people in this area live below the poverty line, according to Farmville Area Community Emergency Services, or FACES, a Farmville-based food pantry that helps over 950 local households and over 1,400 people with supplemental food needs.

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In order for FACES to continue to grow and feed our neighbors, friends and family, we need to support them.

In this newspaper, you’ll find a FACES flyer and a self-addressed stamped envelope. We encourage you to make a donation to the food pantry — one where $1 can equate to more than 10 pounds of food.

In other words, $50 can make 500 pounds of food and $25 could produce 250 pounds.

Give what you can for our community. Almost 100 percent of your donation goes directly to the purchase and distribution of food for local people in need.

Your donation — no matter its size — will help the entire community become healthier.

“We make dollars go very far. Partly because we are all volunteer, so all of the money goes toward the purchase, storing and distribution of food,” said Ellery Sedgwick, the president of FACES.

The next time you reach for your next meal, be able to say you’ve helped your neighbors do the same by supporting FACES.