Respect is a two-way street

Published 12:29 pm Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I am responding to the recent letter to the editor titled “Preach respect and common sense” (Oct. 16).

In his letter, Peter Kapuscinski discussed the Prince Edward County Law Enforcement Discussion that myself and nine of my fellow classmates, my professor Dr. Connie Koski, and Taikein Cooper worked very hard to put together. We had an amazing turnout! About 60 people attended the event and represented both the community and local law enforcement agencies.

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At this discussion, we strived to hold an open forum with professionalism, respect and common sense. In his letter, Kapuscinski stated, “But nothing overrules respect and common sense — on all sides. And that is something Longwood and every other group who wants to have a discussion should preach.”

I, too, believe that respect and common sense are quite important, especially with members of law enforcement. However, with regard to respect, it must be a two-way street. This mandates that both parties make a concerted effort to compromise, as needed.

As the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing mentions, it should be the mission of law enforcement agencies across the country “…to strengthen community policing and strengthen trust among law enforcement officers and the communities they serve.”

I apologize to Kapuscinski for thinking that our efforts in changing police/community relationships here in Prince Edward County were not successful.

Danielle Murphy