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Outdoor education center proposed

A Prince Edward County High School teacher is proposing the establishment of an outdoor education center.

Janet Green, a health and physical education teacher, recently presented the proposal and outlined various ways the center could benefit students to the county’s school board.

According to Green, all of the human senses are used in outdoor education. “It’s just so many things that you can do with interdisciplinary studies,” she said.

Green said the center would provide students the opportunity to get into the outdoors and learn at the same time.

Division Superintendent Dr. David Smith said that while Green’s presentation outlined a number of ways the facility would benefit the students in her program, there’s much to consider when making

changes to indoor and outdoor facilities.

Smith said before the school board takes action more research is needed, and future implications must be considered.

Green’s proposal stated that the outdoor education center would include an outdoor classroom, a mountain bike trail, a nature trail and a team building section.

The center would be located behind the high school, according to the proposal. “The area behind the school is just beautiful,” Green said.

“All disciplines will be able to utilize the outdoor center to expand the classroom,” according to the proposal.

Green also said that the outdoor center would not be limited to high school students and any student in the division could utilize it.

Objectives of the outdoor learning center include instilling “a sense of wonder and [developing] an appreciation of the natural environment.”

If the project is approved, Green would like the project to be completed by the start of the next school year.

In order to do this, Green said she will involve as many people as possible, including Longwood students and other disciplines at the high school.

A cost for the project has not been determined.