One open seat remains on council

Published 12:40 pm Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Three of the four open seats on the Dillwyn Town Council have been filled through write in votes cast on Nov. 3

According to Buckingham County Registrar Margaret Thomas, Ossie J. Harris III, Sharon J. Baker and Wayne M. Myers Jr. — all of whom received write ins — have agreed to serve on the council.

Sandra and Bill Lewis Moss, who announced that they weren’t seeking re-election to the council before the election, received write in votes but declined to serve, according to Thomas.

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“I’m excited about the youth,” Mayor Linda Venable Paige said. “I’m excited about the new people coming on council. …”

Only one open seat remains on the town council. Tora LaTonya Jones and Karen Sue Moss were the only candidates on the ballot for the six-person body.

Paige said that an appointment to fill the lone seat could be discussed within the next month.

“I am glad to actually serve on the town council,” Harris said. “I’m looking forward to working with Mayor [Paige] and getting the town businesses together and going through.”

“I was surprised,” Baker said, “being written in.” Baker said she’ll do her best while serving on the council.

“They just need to appoint one,” Thomas said of the current vacancy.

“Probably what will happen is that the other council members will appoint someone to fill the sixth position until a special election can be held. I doubt if they will have a stand-alone election just for that one position so they’ll probably have it in conjunction with the next regularly scheduled general election which will be next November,” Thomas said.

The new members will officially join the council in January.