Garden club learns about the cannery

Published 2:12 pm Thursday, November 12, 2015

What do you have canned for the winter? Emily Wells, who works at the Prince Edward County Cannery and Commercial Kitchen, spoke at the October Nora Lancaster Garden Club meeting. She explained that the cannery is open to the public for canning at a small cost. The kitchen has a variety of equipment available that you may be trained to use. They can also provide tested recipes, since the canning process requires an acidic pH, and supervised production for marketing, including labels. Those in the community may visit the cannery and explore the options to preserve a fresh harvest. For information contact (434) 223-8664. Awards were Becky Kelly, blue ribbon for exhibit and horticulture, Judy O’Steen, blue ribbon for horticulture, and Helen Smith, blue ribbon for horticulture. Pictured, from left, are Emily Wells, guest speaker for Virginia Food Works, hostess Judy O’Steen, and leader Helen Smith.

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