Published 3:23 pm Thursday, November 19, 2015

November 9

• Janette Nicole Fisher (27) of Farmville, charged with giving a false report to a police officer.

November 10

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• Ismael Enrique Jimenez (34) of Woodbridge, charged with failure to appear on a felony charge.

November 12

• Christine Marie Green (35) of Farmville, charged with credit card fraud.

November 13

• Willie Andrew Lee (61) of Farmville, charged with annoying phone calls and giving a false report to a police officer.

• Jamie Jessica Lester-Johnson (33) of Farmville, charged with concealment-price alter merchandise  less than $200.

November 15

• Alisa Shawn Mcfarland (43) of Meherrin, charged with two counts of profane-threatening language over public airway.

• Dedrick Lamar Crawley (26) of Blackstone, charged with disorderly conduct.