Cumberland Property Transfers

Published 2:22 pm Thursday, November 12, 2015

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Cumberland County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of October, 2015.

The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Elnora H. Marion, to Michael Marion, 8.21 Ac, Parcel A, Hamilton District.

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• James W. Bowles, et al, to Laura Bowles, 2.68 Ac, Hamilton District.

• Albert J. Clark, to Richard F. Clark, 3.384 Ac, Hamilton District. Gift Deed.

• T. Louis Pfeiffer, to CMH Homes Inc., 31.50 Ac, Madison District. $45,000.

• Pearl D. Smith, to Gale L. Taylor, 2 Ac, Madison District. Gift Deed.

• Barbara M. Watson, to Ella Cassandra Baker, et al, 22.499 Ac, Madison District. $71,500.

• Jill C. Dickerson, Spcl Comr, to George Edmonds, et ux, Int in 28 Ac & 14 Ac, Madison District. $1,350.98.

• Robert Virgil Wright, et ux, to Rodney Allen Wright, et ux, 2.000 Ac, Madison District. Gift Deed.

• Edwin A. Sebolt, to Elton G. Ferguson, et ux, 1.8 Ac, Lot 1-B, Randolph District. $150,000.

• Eugene B. Vuncannon, et al, to Nicholas John Clevett, Lot 26, Whiteville Estates, Hamilton District. $218,000.

• Julee D. Mullins, to David L. Mullins, et ux, Lot 1, Carriage Hill Sub., Randolph District. Gift Deed.

• Lily J. Gorham, to Betsey Gorham, 1.5 Ac, Madison District. Gift Deed.

• Virginia Carol Baber Frazier, to Luke T. Fleischman, et ux, 1.137 Ac, Parcel 1, Hamilton District. $100,000.

• Annie Riddle, to Tony Russell Riddle, 1.00 Ac, Western Half, Lot 3, Hamilton District. Gift Deed.

• Silva Group LLC, to James A. Davia, 21.64 Ac, Hamilton District. $29,875.50.

• Martin H. Dunivan, et als, to David W. Dunivan, 12.4 Ac, Hamilton District. Gift Deed.

• Heather M. King, to Teresa F. Tracewell, 2.00 Ac, Randolph District. $139,950.

• James P. Baber, to Cartersville Volunteer Fire Department, 4.000 Ac, Parcel 1B, Hamilton District. $12,000.

• Harrison Diversified Inc., to Douglas Vincent Klassett, et ux, 0.678 Ac. $70,000.

• Esther E. Younce, et al, to Jonathan A. Ober, et ux, 50.67 Ac, Parcel A2, & Buckingham Co. & Esmt. $219,950.

• Edith Anderson, to Amelia C. Wehunt, Int. in Parcel.

• Michael Armstrong, Tr, et al, to Ann Smith Hammerly, et al, Lots 123 B & 124 B, Block I, LV, Hamilton District.

• Beulah B. Trent, et als, to James Griffin Jr., 3.33 Ac & Esmt, Madison District. Gift Deed.

• Howard J. Dunivan Jr., et ux, to James N. Dunivan, 8.88 Ac, Hamilton District. $100,000.

• Maureen L. Carson, et als, to Caryn Lewis-Bugg, 13 Ac, Hamilton District. Gift Deed.

• Flagstar Bank FSB, to Department of Housing & Urban Development, 11.00 Ac, Parcel 2A.

• David A. Banks, to Lloyd Banks III, 9.90 Ac, Parcel 3, Hamilton District. Gift Deed.

• Town of Farmville, to Catherine H. Estes, 20’ Alley, Town of Farmville.

• Dennis C. Pritchett, et ux, to Thomas G. Murray Jr., 4.00 Ac, Hamilton District. $209,950.

• US Bank National Association, Tr. to Daniel Heath Case, 1 Ac, Hamilton District. $46,000.

• William H. Saunders Jr., et ux, to W.H. Saunders Jr., Tr, 6.11 Ac, Lot 24, Madison District. Gift Deed.

• Robert F. Wise Sr., to Nancy L. Thompson, 4 Ac, Lot 8A, Hamilton District. $63,000.