Clinton’s failure to act was ‘live-fire performance’

Published 6:35 pm Tuesday, November 24, 2015


If we apply the Bible verse “The tree is known by its fruit” in regard to Hillary Rodham Clinton, we would recount one bitter bite after the other.

A recent “blighted harvest” from Clinton has been Benghazi. Clinton says she takes responsibility for lives lost in Benghazi. What does that mean and how does that atone for her failure to act? If Clinton can’t protect four Americans repeatedly calling for help, how will she be a safeguard to America as president?

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Benghazi was a “live-fire” performance of how Clinton would conduct herself as president. Clinton was personally responsible for that outpost in Benghazi and four Americans died because their request for help went unheeded. No attempt to do anything for those men was made. Clinton — ever the shrewd politician — requested public hearings on Benghazi (grandstanding) to induce her supporters to reach ever deeper into their pockets, and it worked. Clinton says she accepts the responsibility, failed miserably at saving four lives and yet retains her “rock star” popularity? Simply incredible!

Is Clinton the person America really wants for president? God forbid!

Karl Schmidt