A legacy lives on

Published 6:37 pm Tuesday, November 24, 2015

On Friday night, Buckingham County High School’s dreams of a football state championship came to an end after suffering a 35-20 loss to Richlands. This was a devastating loss for the team, and the emotion was shown through the tearful young men sobbing with heartbreak.

Their team and their school mean something to them. The football program means something to them as well — more than others can imagine.

The school has a huge legacy behind the small-town football team, which began with Pete Gowin, the longtime retired football coach who recently passed away.

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Gowin shaped the program into what it has become today — a serious and respected program, full of dreamers and hard-workers.

Because of his tireless work back then, he set the program up for the greatness that current coach Craig Gill has brought.

Gill, who has battled cancer every playoff season for the past three years, continues to produce winning teams.

Both men should be commended for their efforts to make the program what it is today, and the whole program, especially the players, deserve recognition for all of their accomplishments throughout this season and ones past.