Send a message to Hollywood

Published 10:50 am Tuesday, October 6, 2015


The movie, “War Room” is now showing at Sunchase Cinema Theater in Farmville. This is a movie every Christian should see (and non-Christian)! The Kendrick brothers are the writers and producers, one of whom wrote “Fireproof” and later “Courageous.”

This is by far one of the most touching and inspiring “true to life” stories ever.

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When you leave the theater, you want to find your prayer closet and get on your knees and pray as soon as you can.

It has surprised Hollywood by coming in second the first week and doing well since. It is a very positive message by very talented actors and actresses.

Beth Moore, a well-known Christian speaker, makes a couple of appearances in the movie.

Teens, young adults, married, single and older people all need to see this wonderful movie that is so relevant to life.

Make a statement to Hollywood that you are tired of violent and trashy films and want more uplifting and inspiring movies to view.

Queta Watson