Rocking Chair Reflections feature Tarleton’s Raid

Published 11:22 am Tuesday, October 13, 2015

On Sunday, at 2 p.m. guest lecturer and Revolutionary War historian Wayne Knipping will discuss the exploits of Banastre Tarelton, a controversial figure whose legacy was loosely portrayed by the villain in the Mel Gibson movie “The Patriot.”

During the American Revolution, Tarleton was a British baronet, cavalry dragoon, general and villain. Seemingly everywhere during the fight for American Independence, Tarleton was a constant thorn in the side of the Continental Army and patriotic citizens who suffered from his relentless countryside raids, one of which occurred close by this very part of Amelia County.

Each Rocking Chair Reflection program is free to the public.  Donations to the Friends of Sailor’s Creek Battlefield Historical State Park, which helps fund future educational programs, are always welcome.

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