More technology and jobs are needed

Published 12:24 pm Thursday, October 29, 2015


Living in a rural community has its challenges for businesses and individuals alike.

For me, it’s always been the challenge of finding and keeping a good-paying, career-level job. I moved here from a major metropolitan area in 2000. I left a $45,000-per-year career (where a degree was not needed) and had good benefits and ample vacation time. Since moving to the Farmville area, I’ve had just one true career opportunity, but was laid off after four years.

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In my opinion, this area badly lacks career opportunities for those not in nursing or criminal justice. We need more manufacturing and technology to come into the area which will promote careers and trades for a lot of folks.

We also need high-speed internet in outlying areas. There are many legitimate work-from-home careers available, but without dedicated cable or DSL, those opportunities are lost. I am actively pursuing a few of these opportunities and plan to do whatever it takes to secure one, even if it means renting a space in someone’s home!
I don’t understand why it has taken so long for technology to reach the outlying areas that are just a few miles out. Wasn’t there a huge push for this several years ago?

It’s frustrating to be in a position of having the skills but nowhere to go with them. Our local government(s) need to get on the bandwagon to bring technology and jobs to all areas in this region. Our communities will fail to thrive without it!

Cheryl Cook