Cumberland County Property Transfers

Published 3:27 pm Thursday, October 15, 2015

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Cumberland County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of September, 2015.

The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Joyce Harrell, to Garland Isom Jr., 2.77 Ac, Lot 34, Hampden District. $13,000.

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• Nicholas R. Maldonado, et al, to Jordan Hills LLC, 0.37 Ac, Lot 20, Needham Sub. Sec. 2, Randolph District. $79,000.

• Allen Dale Newsome, to Robert D. Long III, et ux, 5.08 Ac, Randolph District. $164,000.

• P.L. Duncan and Sons Inc., to Jeffrey L. Jones, et ux, Parcels, Buckingham County.

• Harvey Joseph Paquette III, to Lisa R. Allen, 1 Ac & Esmt, Hampden District. $110,000.

• Robert W. Wagner, to Robert W. Wagner, et al, 2.08 Ac, Lot 3, Carriage Hill Sub., Randolph District. Gift Deed.

• William W. Atkins II, et ux, to L. David Hale, et ux, 4.448 Ac, Hamilton District. Gift Deed.

• Ted E. Overby, et ux, to Kenneth W. Griffith, 1 Ac, Madison District. Gift Deed.

• Phillip E. Carmichael, to David J. Gorrell, 3.45 Ac & 1.35 Ac, Madison District. $35,000.

• M. Richard Epps, PC, Sub Tr, to State Wide Realty, 5 Ac & 1.00 Ac & Esmt, Randolph District. $11,100.

• Joshua S. Barnes, et ux, to Jacob A. Wilson, 2.656 Ac, Parcel A & Esmt, Hamilton District. $167,500.

• Charles E. Nivens, et ux, to Colleen Ronan, et al, 17.1 Ac & 3.855 Ac, Right of Survivorship, Madison District. $249,950.

• Sheila Brown Hammond, to Franklin B. Dennis, et al, 1/18 Und Int in 79 Ac, Madison District. $8,277.

• Antonio L. Allen, to Ayesha A. Allen, 1/2 Und Int. in 3.298 Ac, Madison District. Gift Deed.

• Joseph A. Hazlegrove Jr., et ux, to Joseph A. Hazlegrove Jr., Tr, et al, 0.58 Ac & 1.71 Ac & Esmt, Randolph District.

• Samuel I. White PC, Sub Tr, to US Bank National Association, Tr, 1 Ac, Hamilton District. $75,650.

• Helen E. Tatem, to Rickey J. Smith, 35.1 Ac, Hamilton District. $70,000.

• Marjorie C. White, to Sara R. Hedrick, et al, 35 Ac, Madison District. $253,000.

• Dray D. Jones, to Brad Hobson, et ux, 1.00 Ac, Madison District. $1,000.

• Surety Trustees LLC, Sub Tr, to UMB Bank National Association, Tr, 2.541 Ac, Parcel A & Esmt, Madison District. $108,000.

• David Earl Bullock, to Joseph Shannon Wise, et ux, 2.03 Ac, Lot D & D1, Randolph District. $171,000.

• Richardson Hill Garrett, to JCM III, LLC, 11.15 Ac, Hamilton District. $57,500.

• Kenneth R. Cox, et al, to Nathan T. Nuckols, et ux, Lots 1 & 2, Blk A, Sec 1, LV, Hamilton District. $249,000.

• Brian J. Schmidt, to Sherri M. Kopp, 1.00 Ac, Lot 1, Fairview Farms, Hamilton District. $125,250.

• Shirley Langhorne, to Timothy Langhorne, et als, 1 Ac, Madison District. Gift Deed.

• Michael A. Bolden, et als, to Michael A. Bolden, Int in 1 Ac, Lot 1, Madison District. Gift Deed.

• William Coleman Mann Jr., to Cathy D. Dewsbury, 69.83 Ac, Lot 1, Fields at Sunny Side, Madison District. $180,000.

• Samuel I. White PC, Sub Tr, to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 2.57 Ac, Lot 12, Woods Sub., Madison District. $122,670.

• Robert V. Moroney Jr., et ux, to Richard C. Green Jr., et al, 100 Ac & Esmt, Hamilton District. Gift Deed.

• Richard C. Green Jr., et al, to Kenneth H. Foster, 58.0 Ac & Esmt & Powhatan Co., Hamilton District. $120,000.

• Jerry S. Sawyer, to Charles R.B. Bristol, Lots 15, 16, 17, & 11, Block E, Jackson Heights, Town of Farmville. $45,000.

• Kathleen Marshall Doswell, to James S. Bade, et ux, Lots 61-A, 62-A & 63-A, Sec 2 LV, Hamilton District. $141,000.

• Lois E. Snead, Tr, to Thomas C. Huddleston, 4 Parcels, Randolph District. $400,000.

• James P. Baber, SP Comr, et al, to H. Curtis Pearson Jr., et al, 79.2 Ac, Randolph District.

• Patricia A. Pellegrino, to Bruce R. Hayden, et al, Lots 19, 20, & 21, Block H, Town of Farmville.