Ben Carson is the right choice

Published 1:07 pm Thursday, October 8, 2015


I recognize that political choices are very personal, however I believe that a strong recommendation to “think” when choosing the next Republican candidate for president is appropriate.

America does not need bluster, loud talk and vague promises! We need substance and clear thinking, which is what we can have if we select Dr. Ben Carson as our Republican candidate. I strongly urge everyone, whether conservative or liberal or somewhere in between, to seriously consider the responses given by Dr. Carson to every question that he has been asked.

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He is not loud, boastful or disrespectful, but he is a solid and brilliant thinker! Don’t you think that’s what we need?

If we truly want to reclaim America and make it the wonderful land of opportunity, Dr. Ben Carson is the right choice.

Furman Joye