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You asked: Why the caboose was moved

Why did the town of Farmville move the train caboose from the train station on West Third Street to the High Bridge Trail State Park Plaza on North Main Street?

By Hannah Davis

The Farmville Herald

As many Farmvillians witnessed last month, the famous caboose was moved from West Third Street next to the passenger train station to behind the j fergeson gallery at the High Bridge Trail crossing at North Main Street.

While many embraced the change of location to a more prominent setting, other wondered why the caboose was moved in the first place.

According to Farmville Town Manager Gerry Spates, the move was a simple decision to make after considering the usage of the caboose.

“Well, we just felt that was the best place for it. The caboose wasn’t used or accessed by people down at the train station. We put it at the plaza because it is a lot of activity there,” said Spates. “We are planning on the Farmville Downtown Partnership using that building and we plan to use it for events ahead, like the 5k race … and different events that the park has, they can use that building. Once we get it fixed up down there, I think you will see a lot of good use for that caboose. That caboose was just not used where it was located.”

Farmville Downtown Partnership President John Miller agreed with Spates that the caboose move brings opportunities to the community.

“The caboose is a very special addition to downtown. Not only does it underscore the historical connection of that end of Main Street to the railroad that’s now the High Bridge Trail, the caboose also provides a unique and memorable location for community events,” Miller said. “For example, we’re looking at hosting Santa Claus there during Saturdays in the holiday season, and once the stage is added, I can imagine musicians performing there on the weekends. I think it’ll add a lot to the ambience of downtown for residents and visitors alike.”

The total cost to move the caboose was around $17,000, according to Spates.