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Vote for Marston on Nov. 3


A letter was published in the Aug. 12th Courier-Record from Wayne Marston. He said he’s Greg Marston’s cousin and urged residents of the 61st District not to vote for Greg because Greg is a liberal and a Democrat. He also stated that Del. Tommy Wright has been good for the 61st.

I reviewed Wright’s record over the last 15 years. What I found was surprising. He was patron of approximately 72 house bills and 35 house joint resolutions. I didn’t find any that related to attracting jobs, which should be his major focus.

A vast majority of the joint resolutions are lightweight bills which merely commend or celebrate lives of certain people, businesses or towns. Such resolutions just waste taxpayer dollars and take up valuable time. I find no reason for Tommy to sponsor 2008 HJ27, designating Feb. 14 as Valentine’s Day in the commonwealth; nor sponsoring HJ2 as Brunswick Stew Day. More recently, he sponsored HJ507, designating National Cowboy Day to be the fourth Saturday in July in 2015 and each year thereafter.

As for Wright’s bipartisanship work, 83 percent of the bills he co-patroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all co-patrons of his bills, 78 percent of them are Republicans. Of all co-patrons of bills Wright co-patroned, 68 percent of them are Republicans.

I urge all voters in the 61st District to vote for Greg. He was the Virginia state legislative director for the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees. He’s known for his willingness to reach across party lines. Greg will fight for the betterment of his constituency.

Daniel Q. Jackson