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Support seniors through PSR

Citizens of the Piedmont Health District are the most valuable asset of the district. It is their spirit and generosity that makes this a wonderful region to live in. 

As citizens support our nonprofits, the nonprofits support our citizens. Piedmont Senior Resources Area Agency on Aging (PSR) is just one of the nonprofits serving this community.  PSR serves senior citizens, age 60 and up, in the Piedmont Health District.   

Our services include nutrition, home care, legal services, long-term care advocacy, home repairs, cancer support and more.

Today we serve over 75,000 home-delivered meals annually. We have homemaker aides providing over 26,000 hours of support throughout the health district to help citizens stay in their own homes and avoid institutionalized care. Our ombudsman, or patient advocate, is on the road constantly as a public service to assist seniors and their loved ones with any problems that may be encountered in long-term care. At no cost, we help seniors who have to make a decision regarding their Medicare provider via our computer program designed to choose the best program for each individual.

In addition to these services, we provide fans and air conditioners to those with a medical need, farmer’s market coupons to seniors worth $40, legal assistance through Virginia Legal Aid and small home repairs related to client health and safety, such as installing grab bars in a shower or replacing loose or rotten floor boards. Cancer patients undergoing treatment can apply for a gas card to help defray the cost of transportation for treatment.

While some of these services are covered by department of aging and rehabilitative services, many of them are not or require additional funding to continue to add clients to our programs.  We have sustained tremendous growth in services in the past two years with no increase in funding. There are many seniors in need in this community, down back roads and off the beaten paths who have no family and no one to assist them. These individuals simply outlived their means of support by reaching their 80s, 90s and beyond. The homes they once bought are in need of repair but inflation and medical expenses have drained the coffers.

We are their only link to services and safety in some cases.

PSR is embarking upon a major fundraising campaign for the next 12 months, centered on two events. The first is the Amazing Raise on September 16 and 17 and the second is a Kentucky Derby Gala in May. We hope you will participate in The Amazing Raise.

PSR will host a fundraising event at Charley’s Restaurant on September 16 from 4-7 p.m. We ask that you join us and our board of directors at this event to raise funds for PSR programs.  Laptops will be available for individuals to make donations online.

PSR is a private, non-profit 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax deductible. Our full profile is online at The Amazing Raise website at www.giverichmond.org where donations can be made from home or work during this 36-hour event. There are many other charities listed on this website. Please give to any and all of your favorite charities on Sept 16 and 17.

Show how much our community supports its many local organizations.

JUSTINE YOUNG is the executive director of Piedmont Senior Resources Area Agency on Aging. Her email address is jyoung@piedmontseniorresources.com.