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Questioning Cummings’ judgment


I have somewhat followed the articles concerning Prince Edward County Sheriff Wesley Reed and Brandon Cummings. I think I know Sheriff Reed when I see him, but I’m not real familiar with him and I do not know Mr. Cummings. So this letter is not politically inspired.

When a sheriff hires a deputy, he hires someone he feels will respect him and back him up 24/7 in all situations.

My question is, when Mr. Cummings became aware of this photo, did he present this information to his sheriff for him to handle this situation from within, or did he use poor judgment and let a friend present the photo to the paper?

I feel poor judgment was used if he didn’t give the sheriff the opportunity to handle this situation, then if no action were taken, go a different route.

I don’t want someone who tries to embarrass and disrespect others to be my sheriff. Would Mr. Cummings also hire a friend who also used bad judgment to be his deputy?

Please, let’s to try to bring back respect for others!

Cynthia O. Atkins