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Wood to ‘Go Native’ for Master Gardener program

On Thursday, September 3, at noon, Cynthia Wood will present “Go Native” at the Heart of Virginia Master Gardener Lunch and Learn Program. 

Cynthia is a Prince Edward County native and local gardener who loves to feeling the dirt under her nails and watching things grow. She is never happier than when she’s working in the garden or tramping in the woods in search of the first wildflower of the season. 

Cynthia writes two regular columns and periodic feature articles for Virginia Gardener magazine, as well as two columns—gardening and wildflowers—for The Farmville Herald. She is an active member of the Heart of Virginia Master Gardeners. 

The Prince Edward County Virginia Cooperative Extension and the Heart of Virginia Master Gardeners sponsor the Lunch and Learn series. The program will be held in the conference room of the Prince Edward County Extension Office, Dominion Drive, Farmville.  Bring lunch and learn about plants that are appropriate for the growing conditions in central Virginia.

Please visit the Heart of Virginia Master Gardener website at www.hovmg.org to enjoy an easy to use database of native plants.  The Lunch and Learn program is free and lasts less than an hour.