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Centra SCH acquires OPMI LUMERA i surgical microscope

FARMVILLE — Centra Southside Community Hospital announced that they have acquired an OPMI OPMI Lumera® i, the latest ophthalmic surgical microscope from Carl Zeiss Meditec, the leader in surgical visualization. Its numerous benefits include patented technologies designed to provide surgeons a superb view of the eye during surgery. With the addition of the OPMI Lumera i, both health care providers and patients at Centra Southside now have access to the best ophthalmic surgical visualization technology.

“The new Zeiss Lumera microscope that CSCH has just purchased makes visibility significantly better and enhances our surgical technique, ” says Dr. Charles Wilson. “Centra Southside continues to purchase superior equipment that allows me to do the very best ophthalmological procedures,” Dr. Ripon LaRoche said.

Dr. Wilson and Dr. LaRoche, both ophthalmologists, perform eye surgeries at Centra Southside Community Hospital.

The OPMI Lumera i ophthalmic surgical microscope combines the legendary optics ZEISS is known for with patented SCI™ Stereo Coaxial Illumination technology to set a new standard for anterior segment surgical visualization.  Its modular platform allows the custom configuration of the system while leaving the door open to adding additional technologies like the RESIGHT™ non-contact fundus viewing system or the CALLISTO eye® Computer-Assisted Cataract Surgery system to expand its capabilities as clinical needs change.

CEO Tom Angelo says, “This latest purchase shows our continuing commitment to high reliability in patient safety and quality.”