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Property Transfers — Buckingham County

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Buckingham County Clerk’s Office for the month of June, 2015.

The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

Due to the number of requests we receive each week, The Herald will omit the price of a property transaction when requested to do so.

Jeremy W. Allen, et al, to Kevin Chad Rupart, Lot 2, Section 1, Forest Ridge, Slate River District. $144,600.

Allied Concrete Company, to Eagle Real Estate, LLC, 2 Parcels, Marshall District.

James P. Baber, Special Commissioner, to State Wide Realty Company, 19.40 Ac, Maysville District.

Mary N. Bankers, et al, to US Properties LLC, et al, 30 Ac, Slate River District. $20,000.

Kemper M. Beasley III, to Ada C. Washington, 45.71 Ac, James River District. $48,741.

James L. Blanks, to Ronald G. Van Eps, et ux, 46.49 Ac, Francisco District. $50,000.

Joyce Loretta Brown, to George O. Jones, et al, 1.00 Ac, James River District. $3,800.

Russell Brown, et al, to Joseph Lee Brown, 2.00 Ac, James River District. Gift Deed.

Lina J. Bryant, et al, to Spear Mountain Investments, LLC, 3.47 Ac & 1.01 Ac, James River District. $14,500.

Jefferson M. Catlett, et al, to James L. Blanks, et al, 64.50 Ac, Marshall District. $52,000.

Kendrick K. Christian, et ux, to Kendrick K. Christian, 2.10 Ac, James River District.

Beth A. Crone, to Alexandra G. Franck, 2.04 Ac, James River District. Gift Deed.

Sarah G. Davis, to Raymond B. Allen, 4.00 Ac, Curdsville District.

Terry Epling, et al, to B.D. McCormick Jr., 2.00 Ac, James River District. $10,000.

Farmville Area Habitat For Humanity, to Shelanda Harris, 0.337 Ac, Town of Dillwyn, Curdsville District. $90,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, to Crystal Bryan, 6.78 Ac, Maysville District. $100,104.

Charles Larry Fernandez, to The Kenneth Kragh Sr. Family, 4.311 Ac, Curdsville District. $166,000.

Kathy Elizabeth Fulton, to Kathy Elizabeth Fulton, 0.672 Ac, Curdsville District. Gift Deed.

Gidwik LLC, to Slate River Land & Timber LLC, 58.51 Ac, Maysville District. $300,000.

Rolfe Vernon Gregory, to Melvin Gregory, 1.95 Ac, Maysville District. $25,000.

John P. Griggs Jr., to Griggs Revocable Living Trust, 15 Ac, Francisco District. Gift Deed.

Brian K. Hanes, et ux, to Brian K. Hanes, et ux, 97.97 Ac, Marshall District. Gift Deed.

Alexandria Haselman, et al, to Elmore R. Gray Jr., et ux, 61.383 Ac (1/2 Cumberland, ½ Marshall District). $472,500.

Sarah Holzmacher, et al, to Howard H. Holzmacher, 33.4 Ac, James River District. Gift Deed.

HSBC Bank USA, National Assoc, to Delores Green, 1.05 Ac, Marshall District. $51,000.

Judson Larry Jamerson, et al, to Randy Keith Jamerson, 34.2 Ac, Curdsville District. Gift Deed.

Margaret P. Jamerson, to Michael T. Watkins, 36.5 Ac, 36.5 Ac, Curdsville District. Gift Deed.

Dallas L. Jent, et al, to Dallas L. Jent, et ux, 1.021 Ac, James River District.

JJS Properties, LLC, et al, to Larry Snead, 30 Ac, Slate River District. $49,500.

KWP, LLC, to Atlantic Coast Pipeline, LLC, 147.96 Ac, James River District. $225,000.

Ernest J. Kyle, to Joseph Lee Jamerson, et al, 18.62 Ac, James River District. $27,000.

Jennifer McCavanagh, et al, to CMH Homes, Inc., 1 Ac, Marshall District. $18,000.

John H. Meeks, et al, to Jonathan S. Toney, et al, 9.5 Ac, Slate River District.

Joshua & Mari Miller, to Ronald L. Miller, Int. in 10 Ac, Slate River District. Gift Deed.

Sean & Nicole Miller, to Ronald L. Miller, Int. in 10 Ac, Slate River District. Gift Deed.

Mary R. Palmore, to Douglas E. DeMuth, et ux, 4.779 Ac, Slate River District.

Margaret and McHugh Pence, DE, to Marie Pence, et al, 7 Ac & 2Ac, Slate River District.

Rchael Day Pittman, to H. Curtis Pearson Jr., 55.07 Ac, James River District.

Debra J. Roberson, et al, to Blue Rock Resources LLC, 19.06 Ac, Curdsville District. $51,462.

Rural Development, to Tucker Rice Adcock Jr., 5.00 Ac, Curdsville District. $60,000.

Michael D. Scruggs, to Danny E. Elder, et al, 1-1/2 Ac, James River District. $4,000.

Donald W. Sligh, et al, to Wayne Francis Wunder, et al, 87.66 Ac, less and except, James River District. $44,280.

Jane B. Sprouse, to Kelley B. Gentry, 17.072 Ac, Maysville District. Gift Deed.

Kimberly L. Steger, to Thomas J. Steger, et ux, ½ Ac, Town of Dillwyn.

Carolyn S. Thomas, to Rebecca A. Thomas, 2.04 Ac & 17.48 Ac, Curdsville District. Gift Deed.

Larry Thomas, to James L. Blanks, 25 Ac, Slate River District. $65,000.

US Bank, NA, et al, to Jason E. Meeks, 4.89 Ac, Marshall District.

Nathaniel A. Vance, et ux, to Benjamin Lapp, 2.30 Ac, Francisco District. $15,000.

Franklin Jason Wishert, et ux, to Franklin Jason Wishert, 4.979 Ac, Lot 43, Campbell Meadows, Marshall District. Gift Deed.