Prince Edward Sheriff’s Office Activity Report

Published 10:23 am Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Total Calls Received: 163

Calls Handled by Dispatch: 49

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Civil Papers Served: 142

Criminal Papers Served: 40

Transport of Mental Patients and Prisoners: 4

Traffic Stops:16

Calls Received

June 29

Warrant service at Park View Gardens.

Vehicle repossession on Lindsay Hamlett Court.

Vehicle repossession on Leigh Mountain Road.

Fire alarm on Piney Grove Road.

Rescue call on North Hardtimes Road.

Verbal dispute on Hixburg Road.

Rescue call on Tower Road.

Want on record on West Third Street.

Problem with subject on Dominion Drive.

Transport to Roanoke City Jail.

Scam on Adams Drive.

Rescue call on Green Bay Road.

Towing on Simpson Road.

Rescue call on Pamplin Road.

Want on record at the Office.

Verbal dispute on Patrick Henry Highway.

Need assistance at the office.

Disabled vehicle on Redd Shop Road.

Accident on Hardtimes Road.

Accident on Prince Edward Highway.

Rescue call on Cedar Point Road.

Disabled vehicle on Prince Edward Highway.

Protective order service on Patrick Henry Highway.

Stolen property on Cedar Point Road.

Animal Control requested on Wiley Lane.

June 30

Disabled vehicle at Prospect Marathon.

Rescue call on Farmville Road.

Hit and run on Campbell Crossing Road.

Warrant service on Mercy Seat Road.

Problem with subject on Fairgrounds Road.

Rescue call on Patrick Henry Highway.

Possible breaking and entering on Pin Oak Road.

Disabled vehicle on Redd Shop Road.

Problem with neighbor on White Pine Drive.

Fire on Farmville Road.


Fight in progress on Lindy Hamlett Court.

Courthouse alarm on Main Street.

Suspicious subject on Gully Tavern Road.

Accident involving deer on Elam Road.

July 1

Rescue call on Holly Farms Road.

Fraud on Moss Street.

Transport to Prince Edward County Courts.

Rescue call on Tower Road.

Rescue call on Good Hope Road.

Controlled burn on Old Mill Road.

Stolen property on Redd Shop Road.

Rescue call on Pisgah Church Road.

Warrant service on Cedar Point Road.

Assistance needed on Mt. Moriah Road.

Driving under the influence on Patrick Henry Highway.

Problem with subject on Genito Road.

Disabled vehicle on Abilene Road

Accident involving deer on New Bethel Road

July 2

Transport to Poplar Springs

Need assistance on Tuggle Road.

Rescue call on Green Bay Road.

Burglar alarm on Simpson Road.

Stolen gun on Bloomfield Road.

Dumping trash on Saylers Creek Road

Rescue call on Milbank Road.

Disabled vehicle on Price Lane

Suspicious incident at Executive Inn

July 3

Child abuse still under investigation.

Livestock in road on Patrick Henry Highway.

Drug narcotics on Meherrin Road.

Stray animals on Prince Edward Highway.

Gas odor on Germantown Road.

Breaking and entering on Mountain Creek Road.

Controlled burn on Cloverdale Drive.

Writ of possession on Mt. Moriah Road.

Disabled vehicle on Bush River Drive.

Problem with subject on High Bridge Trail.

Suspicious incident on Briery Way.

Commercial burglar alarm on West Third Street.

Rescue call on Worsham Road.

Accident on Green Bay Road.

Tree in road on East Prince Edward Highway.

Requesting assistance at Elks Lodge.

Subject Under arrest at Elks Lodge.

July 4

Disabled Vehicle on Twin Lakes Road.

Residential Burglar Alarm on Morris Creek Road.

Suspicious Vehicle on Prince Edward Highway.

Rescue Call on Spraggs-Redd Drive.

Larceny on Prince Edward Highway.

Accident on East Main.

Larceny on Parc Crest.

Breaking and Entering on Mil-Scott Road.


Rescue call on Darlington Heights Road.

Protective Order Service on Spur Drive.

Animal Control requested on Farmville Road.

Loud noise on Gully Tavern Road.

Rescue call on Miller Lake Road.

Rescue call on Moores Ordinary Road.

911 hang up on Farmville Road.

Assault on Worsham Road.

Verbal dispute on Campbell Lane.

Suspicious incident on Dungee Road.

Residential burglar alarm on Abilene Road.

Animal Control Requested on New Bethel Road.

Accident on Redd Shop Road.

911 hang up on Tuggle Road.

Suspicious vehicle on Dogwood Lane.

July 5

Destroy property on Campbell Crossing Road.

Accident on Twenty Two Road.

Fight in progress on Quarry Road.

Burglar alarm on Green Town Road.

Destroy property on Green Bay Road.

Assault on Pamplin Road.

Accident on Plum Creek Road.

Rescue Call on Gallion Road.

Rescue call on Elam Forest Drive.

Problem with subject on Prince Edward Highway.

Protective Order Service on Pond Drive.

Suspicious odor on Bolden Flournoy Road.

Animal Control requested on Pine Hill Drive.

Rescue call on Trinity Missions.

Sexual assault still under investigation.

Tree in road on Heights School Road.

Suspicious incident on Young Drive.

Accident on Abilene Road.

Disabled vehicle on Prince Edward Highway.