Prince Edward Sheriff’s Office Activity Report

Published 11:34 am Thursday, July 16, 2015

Total calls received: 157

Calls handed by dispatch: 57

Criminal Papers Served: 70

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Transport of Mental Patients and Prisoners: 3

Traffic stops: 11

July 6

Accident on Gully Tavern Road.

Rescue  Call on Mill Creek Road.

Gas drive off on Young Drive.

Vehicle unlock at Farmville Road.

Animal control requested on Green House Road.

Disabled vehicle on Heights School Road

Rescue call on Rattlers Branch Road.

Problem with subject on Farmville Road.

Accident involving deer on Oliver Road

Rescue call on Brecks Lane

July 7

Reckless driving on Prince Edward Highway.

Accident on Schultz Mill Road.

Tree in road on Schultz Mill Road.

Residential burglar alarm on Turkey Trot Road.

Rescue call on Tuggle Road.

Reckless driving on Patrick Henry Highway.

Welfare check on Farmville Road.

Transport to Bush River Road.

Protective Order Service.

Warrant Service on Fairground Road.

Suspicious incident on Pin Oak Road.

Vehicle unlock on Abilene Road.

Rescue call on Virso Road.

Livestock in road on Hendricks Road.

Missing adult on Scuffleton Road.

Fight in progress on Ridge Drive.

Civil matter on County Line Road.

Rescue call on  Farmville Road.

Panic alarm on Farmville Road.

Violation of protection order.

July 8

Rescue call on Green Bay Road

Rescue call on Cook Johnson Road.

Rescue call on Old Peach Orchard Lane.

Warrant service at the office.

Reckless driving on Green Bay  Road.

Need assistance on Prince Edward Highway.

Reckless driving on Prince Edward Highway.

Warrant service on Harris Creek Road.

Verbal dispute Rice Creek Road.

Rescue call on Scruggs Drive.

July 9

Rescue call on Schultz Mill Road.

Rescue Call on New Bethel Road.

Rescue Call on Prince Edward Highway.

Scam on Gully Tavern Road.

Loose dogs on Barton Lane.

Accident involving deer on Sulphur Spring Road.

Accident on Foxwood Drive.

Scam on Page Street.

Accident involving deer on Love Road.

Shots fired on Dempsey Road.

Fire alarm on Trinity Missions.

Rescue Call at the Fish N Pig.

July 10

Rescue call on Green Bay Road.

Stolen Property on Zion Hill Road.

Disabled vehicle on Kingsville Road.

911 hang up on Pin Oak Road.

Warrant service at Piedmont Regional Jail

Cate Bite on Rices Depot Road.

Vehicle traveling wrong direction on Hudsons Bottom.

Transport to Crossroads.

Rescue Call on Hardtimes Road.

July 11

Suspicious vehicle on Reservoir Road.

Dispute on South Farmville Road.

Accident on Hardtimes Road.

Commercial burglar alarm on Prince Edward Highway.

Disabled vehicle on Leigh Mountain Road.

Requesting assistance at Cross4roads.

Accident on Sheppards Road.

Requesting assistance on Browntown Road.

Welfare check on Schultz Mill Road.

Assault on Abilene  Road.

Property damage on Abilene  Road.

Burglar Alarm on Pamplin Road.

Commercial burglar alarm on SMI Way.

Breaking and Entering on Allen Farm Road.

Shots fired on Prince Edward Highway.

Burglar alarm on Milbank Road.

Shots fired on Schoolhouse Road.

Breaking and Entering on Oliver Road.

Rescue call on Poplar Forest Road.


Rescue call on Farmville Road.

Shots fired on Hendricks Road.

911 hang up on Pin Oak Road.

Requesting assistance at the office.

July 12

Assistance needed on Redd Shop Road.

Transport to the office.

Welfare check on Old Peach Orchard Lane.

Rescue call on Tuggle Road.

Rescue Call on Hubbard Road.

Rescue Call on Darlington Heights Road.

Shorts Fired on Pin Oak Road.

Rescue Call on Abilene Road.

Rescue call on Virso Road.

Rescue call on Dawn Drive.

Accident on Prince Edward Highway.

Reckless Driving on Meherrin Road.

Disabled Vehicle on Pamplin Road.

Requesting assistance on High Bridge Drive.

Altercation on Twin Lakes Road.