Property Transfers — Prince Edward County

Published 6:49 pm Thursday, June 11, 2015

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Prince Edward County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of May, 2015.

The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

Due to the number of requests we receive each week, The Herald will omit the price of a property transaction when requested to do so.

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Green Tree Servicing, LLC, to Roland B. Marker, 3.24 Ac, Lot 11, Four Allen’s Sub., Prospect District. $28,000.

The Farmville Herald, Inc., to Farmville Newsmedia, LLC, 0.312 Ac, Farmville.

Christopher J. Wright, to John E. Zydron, 81.45 Ac, Hampden District. $162,900.

Sarah R. Miller, to Stephen David Morin, 4.00 Ac, Hampden District. $183,500.

James Christopher Cunningham, to Hunter R. Watson, et al, Lot, Farmville. $21,175.

Rishi Mishra, et al, to Rishi Mishra, 1.44 Ac, Farmville District. Gift Deed.

Averette Simpson Jr., Atty In, to David K. Simpson, et al, 115.00 Ac, Prospect District & Easement. $230,000.

Shirley B. Overton, et al, to OHHI, LLC, 0.84 Ac, Farmville.

Charles H. Wells Jr., et al, to Howard Mark Estes, 1.5 Ac, Lockett District. $20,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, National, to Lenious Randy Barton, et al, 12.25 Ac, Leigh District. $47,500.

Rosetta Lucille Tuscan, to Thomas Henry Coleman Jr., Lots, Farmville District. Gift Deed.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, to Celina J. Beachly, 3.40 Ac, Hampden District. $90,123.

Evans & Bryant, PLC, Sub Tr, et al, to Citizens Bank and Trust Company, 3.28 Ac, Parcel 4, Prospect District. $36,660.

Emmett Clark, by Atty in Fact, to Emmett Troy Clark III, 9.29 Ac, Lot 1, Evergreen Acres, Hampden District.

Lee Jarmon, to Lee Jarmon, et al, 10.00 Ac, Prospect District. Gift Deed.

Lee Jarmon, to Lee Jarmon, et al, 8.7 Ac, Prospect District. Gift Deed.

Jill Dickerson, Special Com., to Robert M. Lawman, et al, 19.96 Ac, Hampden District. $27,500.

Paul E. Jones Sr., et al, to Luther L. Robinson, et al, 2.00 Ac, Hampden District. $18,000.

Nancy A. Haga, to Nancy A. Haga and Claude A. Wood, Lot 26, Farmville. Gift Deed.

Colin K. Belcher, to William C. Boliek, 2.10 Ac, Lot 6, Hampden District. $8,500.

William C. Boliek, to Collin K. Belcher, 0.21 Ac, Hampden District. $945.

Deborah Kauffman Murphy, to Ballard D. Plymale, et al, 1.50 Ac, Leigh District. $63,900.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, National, to Carol Olszewski, 20.00 Ac, Leigh District. $95,000.

Todd Forgette, to Charles W. More and Paul J. More, 27.95 Ac, Leigh District. $335,000.

James Taylor, Executor, to John A. Young, et al, 0.205 Ac, Lot B, Farmville. $55,000.

Yvonne Walker, et al, to Terence Morton, 1 Ac, Prospect District. $1,515.

Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC, to The Secretary of the United States, Lots, Prospect District.

Rosa A. Fowlkes, to Geralous D. Walton, et al, 11.97 Ac, Hampden District. Gift Deed.

Cynthia Watson Hill, to Shawn Kendall Hill, 3.00 Ac, Lockett District. Gift Deed.

FVA Limited Partnership, to Country Estate VA LLC, Farmville. $838,734.

James L. Whitlock, et al, to Andre Lynch, et al, 3.45 Ac, Lot 23, Sherry Hill, Leigh District. $18,000.

Weldon Smith Jr., to Weldon Smith Jr., et al, 3.015 Ac, Hampden District. Gift Deed.

Weldon Smith Jr., et al, to Weldon Smith Jr., et al, 2002 Mobile Home.

L. Garrick Hudson, et al, to High Bridge Realty LLC, 50.01 Ac, Prospect District. $250,050.

Mary Louise White, et al, to Mary Louise White, Lot, Farmville. Gift Deed.

Randall J. Boyle, to Samuel L. Bowles, et al, .518 Ac, Lot 13, Farmville. $185,000.

Thomas H. Steindler, to Sorenson Family Trust, Lot, Farmville. $179,900.

The Town of Farmville, Virginia, to Longwood University Real Estate, Portion of Alley, Farmville.

William Dunnington Sydnor, to William P. Reach, et al, Lot, Farmville District. $17,500.

Lois B. Pugh, by Atty in Fact, to Norman C. Tinsley, 2.5 Ac, Buffalo District. $69,000.

Harry W. Baldwin Jr., to Kerry I. Scruggs, et al, 2.74 Ac, Farmville District. $60,000.