HD’s Two Cents: Lessons From A Crazed NASCAR Fan

Published 11:39 am Thursday, May 28, 2015

FARMVILLE — So, have you heard about this guy named David Wilson?

Wilson is currently all over sports news websites everywhere because of his passion for NASCAR. An obsessed passion, at that.

On Sunday, May 24, Wilson was allegedly arrested “on charges of domestic battery and strangulation after he heard his fiance and another talking about IndyCar and NASCAR,” Yahoo Sports reported.

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Apparently, Wilson got fired up while making dinner after he overheard his fiance and a guest in the other room “trash-talking.” Wilson reportedly explained that he was mad because he heard the two saying that IndyCar was better than NASCAR. Obviously, that was not something to admit in the vicinity of Wilson.

He reportedly went mad and screamed into the room at the two NASCAR naysayers. That was the only thing he admitted to doing. Alcohol was also involved, according to the report.

In Wilson’s eyes, he is just an innocent NASCAR fanatic defending his territory. What’s the big deal?

Many could respond by saying if the allegation is proven in court, that he took things too far and acted on his drunken emotions.

I agree with that. But, is it weird that I think we could learn a few things from him?

No, we should not attempt to strangle a person if their sports opinions differ from ours. No, we should not scream at people for taking the name of NASCAR in vain.

But, I think his passion is something that we should have. I think people should be encouraged to become more passionate about their favorite sports teams, especially local sports happening around them.

Why not become more involved in the sports you care more about?

Read up on team players and come to understand certain plays. Support your teams by watching them play or donating money to them for materials needed during their season. Shout out chants at their home events and show them that you are rooting for them.

You may not become a punch-throwing possessed fan. But, you could gain a whole new appreciation for your local teams, or sports in general. That isn’t such a bad thing. Is it?