No Drugs Found In PE School Sweep

Published 11:47 am Tuesday, April 21, 2015

PRINCE EDWARD — There were no drugs found in an unannounced early Friday search of the County’s middle and high schools.

“Brought the dogs in and did a quick sweep through the schools,” County Sheriff Wesley Reed said, “and…we didn’t find anything.”

The sheriff’s department was assisted by Cumberland’s K-9 unit and the Department of Corrections. The process took about two hours and included the middle and high schools, as well as the career tech center.

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“…It was a very comprehensive search and it was a complete surprise, which is a great thing,” Division Superintendent Dr. David Smith told The Herald. “And nothing was found at any of the buildings and it’s a great outcome.”

It sends a message to the students, the superintendent said, that school is not the place to have drugs because searches—unannounced—happen any time.

“And the other message that I think it sends to the larger community is that our schools are really not a center for drug activity of any kind,” Dr. Smith said. “And this discourages any student who…may have a lapse in judgment about bringing things to school that don’t belong at school.”