Grocery Looks To Dillwyn

Published 2:59 pm Thursday, January 29, 2015

DILLWYN — Reid Super-Save Market, based in Charlottesville, is seriously considering opening a second store in the former Farmer’s Foods building at the intersection of Oak Street/U.S. Route 15 and Brickyard Drive in the town of Dillwyn, according to Kim Miller, the corporation’s president.

“We’re looking at it. We have not purchased it. We’re in the process…” Miller told The Herald during a telephone interview.

“We are considering to open it back up as a grocery store…We feel like…Dillwyn would offer an opportunity for us to operate a second store,” she stated. “As things work out, we look forward to being an important part of the community.”

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According to Miller, Reid Super-Save Market’s sole location is in Charlottesville, and has been family-owned since 1981.

“We’ve been blessed that the Charlottesville business has done well for us…” Miller offered. The Preston Avenue store employs about 35 people, she stated.

When asked how many jobs would be created should Reid Super-Save Market purchase the building and open a new grocery store, Miller responded, “I believe before it employed approximately 25 people. And, I would hope that business would be good, and we would be able to employ at least 25 [people], but we don’t have a good idea right now.”

When asked for a timetable on the potential opening, she replied, “At this point…we would hope to be in before July, maybe [the] middle of June, first part of July. [There’s] a lot of work between now and then, but we’d love to get in there in time for the summer.”

Reid Super-Save Market offers a complete line of grocery items, along with produce and meat, Miller explained. “We’re known for our meat department in the Charlottesville area…That’s a large portion of our business…We are an independent market, so we try to offer good service [and] cater to the customer more so than…some of your chain stores,” Miller indicated.

According to its website, the Charlottesville grocery store is open seven days a week.

“[We] felt like the opportunity may be there to be able to open a Reid’s as well…” the corporation’s president indicated of Dillwyn.

Farmer’s Foods announced its closure in June 2014, resulting in the loss of 30 part-time and full-time jobs.