Reader Responds To Same-Sex Marriage Editorial

Published 1:00 pm Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Editor, The Herald:

Reference your recent editorial regarding same-sex marriage:

I was very pleasantly surprised to read Dr. Hevener’s letter to the editor in today’s edition. Dr. Hevener expressed my sentiments much better than I could.

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I know that in recent years the Episcopal Denomination elected an openly homosexual as the head of the church (Editor’s note: elected as bishop, in 2004, of the Diocese of New Hampshire) and this caused a major split in the Episcopal Denomination. In view of this, I feel that it is only logical that you would subscribe to the theory that you presented in your editorial. The thing that confuses me is how any Minister, Lay Minister or Ordained Minister, can read God’s word with the very plain and simple truths expressed therein, and get from it that homosexuality in any form is all right. Whether this leads to same-sex marriage or promiscuous homosexuality, I see no difference but we must remember that our God is a “forgiving God”. Anyone can come to Him at anytime, repent and receive forgiveness!!

I’ll ask you and all proponents of same-sex marriage one simple question: Aren’t you glad when you wake up each morning that your parents did not choose “same-sex marriage?

I feel that I must give you credit for the statement in your editorial that “God is love”, but you must know that God is much more than love! God is compassion, God is forgiveness, God is understanding, and to me, God is everything! But we must also remember that God requires obedience from us and that we adhere to His word. God has given each of us the ability to choose whether we will follow Him or reject Him. If we choose to follow God and faithfully worship him, we will have Eternal Life, but if we choose to reject Him our fate in eternity is amply revealed in Luke 16:19 – 31.

Rev. Furman Joye