Squad Care Enrollment Is Underway

Published 11:32 am Thursday, October 23, 2014

PRINCE EDWARD — Bill Hogan, president of the Prince Edward Volunteer Rescue Squad, has announced enrollment forms for the Squad Care program will be mailed on Monday and be in local mailboxes next week.

Squad Care membership costs $35 and covers out-of-pocket expenses for ambulance transportation to Centra Southside Community Hospital.

Enrollment and PayPal payment options, Hogan noted, are available on the squad’s website at princeedwardrescue.com

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“One of our current problems is obtaining names and addresses of new residents in our area,” Hogan commented. Accessibility to that information is no longer available because of the privacy act.

In the past, new employee information was available by Longwood University, Hampden-Sydney College, Centra Southside Hospital and local businesses, he pointed out.

The Farmville Herald is running enrollment forms in today’s edition and will do so again in next Friday’s October 31 issue.

For additional information, please contact Hogan, Nancy Haga or Barbara Vina at 434-392-6973.