Farmville Detectives To The Rescue

Published 11:00 am Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Editor, The Herald:

On September 18, 2014 my wife and I were traveling east on Prince Edward Highway and ran over a piece of debris on the roadway, resulting in a right rear flat.

I pulled over in the crossover at Trinity Memorial Gardens to address the problem. Our KIA Soul does not come with a spare tire. My wife got out the owner’s manual and I got out the miniature air compressor. While trying to assemble and connect the compressor a car stopped to see if they could assist.

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Detective Sergeant Chris Moss and Detective Sam Entrekin of the Farmville Police Department offered to make the temporary repair for us. After getting the connections set and running the compressor for the allotted time and seeing no appreciable improvement in the tire it was discovered I had not picked up a nail but had gashed the tire. A compressor, large or small, was not going to solve the problem. Detective Moss called for a wrecker while Detective Entrekin stowed the gear. They waited until we were safely aboard the wrecker and on the way to have the tire replaced.

Words cannot express our gratitude to your Detectives for their assistance. They were professional and willing to do all they could to assist us. The Town of Farmville can be proud of a police force that includes officers of this caliber.

Joe and Pat Baldwin