Prospect Community Revival Donates To Prospect VFD

Published 5:10 pm Thursday, July 17, 2014

Glenn Memorial Baptist Church, pastored by the Rev. John Baldwin, hosted the second annual Revive Prospect Community Revival June 8-13.

Six ministers, five Baptist and one United Methodist, participated along with choirs from each church. The sermons were truly inspiring and the choirs were outstanding. Attendance was very good, and although no collection as taken, a love offering of over $630 for the week was received. This offering was donated to the Prospect Volunteer Fire Department.

“I hope and pray that this community revival in our tiny village of Prospect will sweep this land from village to village, town to town, state to state, and finally engulf our nation,” stated the Rev. Furman Joye. “I want to see the houses of God overflowing with the old and the young, all faiths and denominations, all races, creeds and colors. I want to see them seeking God’s face and begging Him to forgive their sins and heal our land.”

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The third annual Revive Prospect-Revive America Community Revival will be held the week of June 7-12, 2015. The host church will be announced at a later date. The community is invited to attend.