YMCA Has Such Universal Value

Published 2:14 pm Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Editor, The Herald:

As a local Chiropractor, I frequently recommend our great YMCA to my patients to improve their over-all health and as an excellent way to help manage their weight. The YMCA has a plethora of exercise equipment, including a pool for aerobic exercise in water which is great for osteoporotic patients. I advise using the Y instead of buying expensive exercise equipment for the home, which often winds up being a place to hang up your clothes.

Using the YMCA takes the weather out of the equation; you can always get your walk or workout in even if the weather is terrible. In addition, it is a pleasant and clean environment, complete with trainers that are always available to help you or answer questions about using the machines.

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I realize that budgets are tight, and that many groups come to the town hoping for financial assistance. However, my own opinion is that the YMCA has such universal value to the overall community that it really does merit support from the town.

Ed DeRegibus