Older Than The USA

Published 4:51 pm Thursday, April 3, 2014

Retired farmer John DiStefano says he was sitting in his bedroom Friday afternoon, March 28, watching television, when he heard cracking sounds outside his window. As he watched, this giant oak, believed to be well over 250 years old, fell to the ground behind his home. It was a clear, sunny day in northern Cumberland County. DiStefano wonders if the tree “just got tired.” Luckily for him, and his wife Joan, nothing major was damaged by the tree, which neatly fell between two clothesline poles, missing a neighboring shed (pictured behind the tree) and nearby house. The root ball pulled from the ground measured 27.5 feet in diameter. The circumference of the tree at its base is roughly 17 feet, according to DiStefano. (Photo by Ilsa Loeser)

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