Important Things Must Be Paid For

Published 6:38 pm Thursday, April 17, 2014

Editor, The Herald:

On Monday, April 14, the Buckingham County Board of Supervisors met to present the proposed budget for 2014/2015, the proposed tax increase to support this budget and to receive public comment on both. The presentation by County Administrator Becky Carter was clear, detailed and well developed. It is apparent that the leadership of Buckingham has done its utmost to reduce costs to the taxpayer while still providing for the good of its citizens. It is also clear that the time has come to increase county revenues for the good of all.

There are many important programs and services addressed in this budget that have been impacted by state mandates placing a funding burden on the county. There is one that particularly needs our help and support. Our schools account for over fifty percent of the proposed budget and our school system is faced with a significant financial challenge due to increases in pension costs imposed at the state level.

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Each day we send to the people who work in our schools that which we treasure most, our children. And each day they work hard and well to guide the intellectual, social, emotional and moral development of our treasures. The people in our schools take care of and look out for our children. And now we need to take care of and look out for the teachers and staff of the Buckingham County Schools.

It is an absurd and unthinking position to routinely oppose any tax increase ever. It is equally foolish to say or imply that if our elected officials increase taxes, then they have automatically failed to serve properly. An elected official fails to serve when he or she avoids doing the right thing for the sake of political expediency.

If we fail to look out for our county and particularly our schools then we fail to look out for our children. If we fail to look out for our children, then as a community WE ALL FAIL!

I support our Board of Supervisors proposed budget and the proposal to increase revenues. I encourage all the citizens of Buckingham to do likewise.

Frank Howe